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ESOP and ISO-9000. What do they mean for you?
Sure we’re a group of extruders, engineers and machinists. But we’re so much more!

The Exact difference starts the moment you contact us and continues well after you receive your order. If you’ve never been treated the Exact way, you’re in for a surprise! You’ll be put in touch with someone who speaks the technical language you demand and who can get your project through in half the time it takes other extruders.

That's why customers who work with us once come back again.


Project Management
Services and Project Management
Whether you have a new product to introduce or an existing one in need of process improvement, Exact Manufacturing can help you bring it to market with complete project management.
Project Engineering
  • Customer-focused project teams provide efficient, consistent communication
  • Process mapping for cost-effective manufacturing
  • Identify and chart resource requirements
  • Validate material specifications and identify sources
  • Estimate costs and provide project proposals and product quotes
Product Design
  • Develop customer concepts: prototypes through production
  • Redesign current product for manufacturability and cost reduction
  • State of the art design using SolidWorks and Pro-E
  • Complete product engineering documentation and specification
     Supply Chain Management
  • Develop guidelines for communication and material acquisition with established suppliers
  • Research and validate new suppliers that meet cost goals while maintaining exceptional quality

Manufacturing Development

  • Experienced engineering staff with a wide range of technical skills in machining, fabrication, welding, painting, and mechanical assembly
  • Develop cost-effective manufacturing methods while meeting quality objectives
     Quality Assurance
  • Integrate quality systems to ensure focus on both customer and process requirements
  • Develop in-process inspection requirements utilizing control plans with the ability to chart Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Critical To Quality (CTQ)
Customer Projects
  • New product design
  • New product introduction
  • Product improvement
  • Product line transfer
  • Lean Manufacturing Solutions


Delivering Results Through:
  • Project definition
  • Precise specification and requirements
  • Planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Accurate cost estimates
  • Tracking and control
  • Timely communication and reviews of project status
Key advantages for you:
  • Single source
  • Streamline communication
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Increase ROI
  • Continuous process improvement