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ESOP and ISO-9000. What do they mean for you?
Sure we’re a group of extruders, engineers and machinists. But we’re so much more!

The Exact difference starts the moment you contact us and continues well after you receive your order. If you’ve never been treated the Exact way, you’re in for a surprise! You’ll be put in touch with someone who speaks the technical language you demand and who can get your project through in half the time it takes other extruders.

That's why customers who work with us once come back again.




Some of Our products you Do Not want to see
in-use, but be rest assured they are there doing their job.
From the light that gives the surgeon clarity,
to the devices that increase their performance and capabilities...



Exact has been a part of the medical device
manufacturing industry for more than
20 years.
In fact, Exact was instrumental in introducing anodized aluminum extrusions to be
utilized within the body.
Check out our capabilities listed
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