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ESOP and ISO-9000. What do they mean for you?
Sure we’re a group of extruders, engineers and machinists. But we’re so much more!

The Exact difference starts the moment you contact us and continues well after you receive your order. If you’ve never been treated the Exact way, you’re in for a surprise! You’ll be put in touch with someone who speaks the technical language you demand and who can get your project through in half the time it takes other extruders.

That's why customers who work with us once come back again.


Machining Systems and Solutions

As a full-service supplier, Exact Manufacturing offers a wide array of machining systems and solutions. With state-of-the-art equipment for small through large parts, we are a single source for all your extrusion and machining needs.


Flexible Machining Systems
Our Makino has two horizontals linked to a 20-pallet system with an automatic guided vehicle for loading parts for high-mix, low-volume runs.

  • Higher spindle utilization than on stand-alone machines
  • Reduced setup time with standardized tools and workholding fixtures designed for "quick change"


Dedicated Machining Cells

  • Boost productivity and reduce costs
  • Machine operators trained to run multiple machines at the same time
  • Direct Numerical Control (DNC)network
  • CAD/CAM software
  • Five Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) for quality inspection
  • Ball-lock clamping technologies
  • High-speed spindles
  • Coolant through spindles
  • Large tool holder capacity
Key advantages of our machining systems:
  • Single-source machining
  • High quality
  • Manufacturing flexibility
    • Complex and precision parts
    • Small to large part capability
  • Demand-driven production
  • State-of-the-art equipment


  • Horizontal and vertical machining centers
  • Lathe turning centers
  • Flexible machining systems
  • Dedicated machining cells
  • Swiss Machines
  • Here is our Equipment List