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Industries Served

ESOP and ISO-9000. What do they mean for you?
Sure we’re a group of extruders, engineers and machinists. But we’re so much more!

The Exact difference starts the moment you contact us and continues well after you receive your order. If you’ve never been treated the Exact way, you’re in for a surprise! You’ll be put in touch with someone who speaks the technical language you demand and who can get your project through in half the time it takes other extruders.

That's why customers who work with us once come back again.


Fabrication and Finishing
Fabrication and Finishing
Exact’s capabilities in fabrication, painting, and finishing offer you superior manufacturing flexibility and efficiency.


Anodizing and Plating

Exact has Several Certified Outside Anodizing Suppliers capable of providing your required finish.


Precision Cut-Off Capabilities
  • We feature two, high-speed Precision Cold Saws.
  • Capable of holding tolerances of +/- .002 inch.
  • Minimum Cut Thickness - .25 inch.
  •  Mig/Tig
  • Spot Welding
  • Soldering
  • Brazing
  • Tinning
Stamping Press Capabilities
  • 60-ton to 300-ton mechanical presses
  • Up to 600-ton hydraulic presses
  • Punching, forming, blanking, notching, piercing, deep drawing, etc.
  • On-Site Tool Making Capability


Deburring Options
  • Almco is part of our family of companies within Innovance, Inc.
  • Regarded as the premier authority on deburring technology.
  • They have the engineering and experience to provide us with the best solution to handle your deburring needs. 


      new paintline

Continuous-Flow Paint System

  • On-Site we have a 5 stage pre-treatment system that offers both powder and liquid painting

Laser and Stamp Print Part Marking

  • Our Laser Marker is capable of serialization
  • Stamp Printer is capable of food grade ink
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Specialty Packaging

  • From individual plastic tubes to wooden boxes
  • Direct to Production Line Returnables
  • We can provide whatever best fits your needs



Key advantages for you:
  • Achieve single-source service, versatility
  • Improve productivity
  • Responsive to demands, shortened lead-times
  • High quality, repeatable and accurate processes
  • Manufacturing flexibility, reduced setup time
  • Reduce hard tooling costs
  • State-of-the-art equipment